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Name:Silver Draconis

Interests (140):

accidentally calling tori mom, angst, angsting on the roof, arguing with clair, avacados are gross, beating up morons in the supermarket, beating up rocket grunts, being a badass, being a cranky patient, being a derp, being a klutz, being a lethal chef, being a tsundere, being awkward at comforting, being cranky, being fucked by lance, being glomped by jeb, being hugged by lyra, being hugged by tori, being jealous of people with good parents, being lance's squishy, being obsessed with my image, being protective, being reckless, being scolded by crobat, being strong, being stubborn, being teased by sneasel, being useless in a crisis, burning clair's mouth with peppers, calling the old man out, clair, coffee, comic books, constantly getting in trouble, corrine falls is evil, crobat, desk sex, dipping celery in the peanut butter jar, dish soap foam makes me sneeze, don't you dare pity me, dragon mode, dragons are hot lovers, elise, emotional sex with lance, epic parental issues, erotic eating, ethan, ethan is a derp, explaining lovebites to tori, failing at chores, falling in rivers, flirting with lance, forgetting to eat, frustrated masturbation, fucking lance, getting lost in seafoam island, getting trapped on mt. silver, grocery shopping is a pain in the ass, hating family guy, hating my parents, hating team rocket forever, haunter/kadabra, i'm not cute dammit, i'm still not cute, indecent exposure, jeb, jerkass woobie, joe, kris, lance, lance is a sap, lance makes me horny, lance's awesome cooking, lance's cape fetish, lance's ear sensitivity, lance's epic back rubs, lance's knight complex is stupid, lance's nightshirt, lance's scars are sexy, lance's stupid hands, loki get off my head plz, loki stop licking yourself in public, loki the eevee, lyra, lyra is crazy, magneton, making eggs catch fire, making eggs explode, making lance horny, making tea for lance, molly, molly's not my sister, morning makeouts, my dad sucks, my mom's a whore, my pokemon, never evolving sneasel, no menstrual products plz, no pdas, not "the room", not adorable either, not being tickled, not lance being gentle in bed, not lance getting stabbed, not leg injuries, not my real name, not nyan-cat, not taylor swift, ogling sausages in the supermarket, peanut butter, peanut butter cups, peanuts comics, periods are gross, petrel is a creep, picking at my food, ramen, relating to tori, rough sex, s.e. hinton, seriously lance stop calling me cute, sex with lance, shower sex, showering with lance, sneasel, sneasel stop licking yourself in public, snuggling with lance, stripping lance, stupid sexy lance, taking care of lance, tea is boring, team rocket sucks, the family i chose, the neverending story, thinking about lance's dick, tohjo falls, tori, tripping, tsuning at lance, typhlosion
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